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VPNSecure Review for Your Privacy Online

VPNSecure Pty Ltd is an Australian integrated cybersecurity company. In addition to the VPN service, the offer also includes DNS and proxy services. VPNSecure client can choose one of seven different rates:

  • Free VPN. The free version of VPN is limited compared to the paid versions in services: the connection is slower and the volume is limited to 600 MB. Also, this version is only compatible with Windows, and it will have more magazines than in paid accounts.
  • Smart DNS. This service is primarily designed to bypass geo-blocking in online video services such as Hulu or Netflix. Since the connection is switched directly and not through the VPN server, there is no delay. The service does not offer anonymity and security protection.
  • HTTP proxy: this tariff provides customers with access to the HTTP proxy, but does not provide anonymity and encryption.
  • SSH SOCKS 5: it is also a proxy service that preserves user anonymity using a secure SSL tunnel connection. Since this package costs as much as the OpenVPN package, which can guarantee much greater security and anonymity, the use of this proxy offer raises some doubts.
  • OpenVPN: As the name implies, this tariff allows access to VPN VPN servers using the OpenVPN protocol.
  • PPTP: Here, the client is granted access to VPN servers via PPTP.
  • OpenVPN + PPTP: the best of both – with this tariff, access to VPN servers is possible with both OpenVPN and PPTP.

In which countries does this VPN service work?

About 50 VPNSecure servers are located in 33 different countries.

Reconnections are not limited in VPN, so between servers, you can change them as often as necessary. Provider’s servers usually provide static and public (static/public) IP addresses, so the client has about 50 different IP addresses available. For an additional $ 10 per month, you can also get a dedicated IP address from VPNSecure (price for 1 IP address).

How fast is the maximum connection speed?

The connection speed for VPNsecure depends on the selected tariff. The Free VPN package has fairly slow connections, and the OpenVPN package guarantees the fastest connection. The lowest connection speed when using the PPTP tariff.

However, for an actual Internet connection, factors also play a role that the service provider cannot influence. For example, it shows the distance to the server, as well as its current use by other users. Of course, the speed of your Internet connection also has a decisive influence on the VPN connection.

For which operating systems is VPNsecure available?

All VPNsecure rates are almost all compatible with popular systems. In this way clients of

  • Windows
  • Mac
  • Linux
  • Android
  • iOS

can use VPN secure. We remind you that the Free VPN version is only compatible with Windows.

Is there a money-back guarantee or a free trial account?

A money-back guarantee is not available in the VPN. Rather, an effective way out of this provider depends on certain conditions: there must be a problem, and to resolve it, you must contact the support service, and, also, more than 50 GB of data volume must not be created.