Beats Studio Buds review

This article will consider a new release from Apple – Beats Studio Buds – an intriguing combination of good audio, great features, and competitive pricing.

Beats Studio Buds – Apple audio headphones with Android support

Apple has officially presented its new fully wireless Beats-branded headphones, the Beats Studio Buds. These in-ear headphones are a compact, full-set speaker system with a powerful, balanced sound.

The main feature of this model is that the headphones are optimized for iPhone and iPad, but they also can be connected to Android smartphones.

Beats Studio is the second generation of Beats wireless headphones. The first iteration was the Powerbeats Pro model. With their new development, Beats aims to attract a wider audience. Importantly, these are the first Beats in-ear headphones to feature active noise cancellation. In addition, other new features will be useful for Android users. The presented model is designed to challenge the analog of Apple.

The main features

Beats Studio Buds is a rather powerful model in terms of its functionality, which has a number of peculiarities:

  • Beats Studio Buds offer eight hours of playtime with noise canceling off and two extra charges in the case for a total of 24 hours of battery life;
  • With a very small profile, lightweight, and a more inner-ear shape, the new Studio Buds fit snugly and securely inside the ear;
  • The device uses physical controls instead of touch. This solution reduces the likelihood of accidental taps when adjusting the sound settings;
  • The headphones can be configured to launch the voice assistant when you hold down the button. However, by default, this action is used to switch modes;
  • Internally, the sound is transmitted using 8.2mm dual-element dynamic drivers;
  • Studio Buds are Bluetooth 5.2 compliant and support Bluetooth AAC and SBC codecs, but not AptX;
  • The earbuds have a moderate IPX4 waterproof rating, which means they can withstand light splashes from any direction;
  • The headphones have a system of external microphones that help block out ambient noise;
  • Transparency Mode can be started by pressing and holding the “B” button. In this way, you mix ambient noise with the music you listen to. It is appropriate to keep an eye on what is going on around you and allow you to focus on the transition;
  • The two main Beats Studio Buds microphones ensure that you can make high-quality calls;
  • The Beats Studio Buds model uses new driver architecture. It is designed to make the overall sound picture rich and quite powerful;
  • In the presented headphones the average frequencies are not lost in the general sound picture. The equalizer function improves the sound quality, however, the high frequencies sometimes hiss disgustingly.

About disadvantages

Some potential benefits remain an illusion. For example, you will be surprised to find that MIA features without the original Apple chip are simply not available. In addition, it is not possible to synchronize the headphones with other devices from the iCloud system. Audio sharing service is not supported. Also, the Studio Buds model does not allow you to automatically switch control devices (iPhone, iPad, and Mac) depending on the frequency of their use. These aren’t catastrophic flaws, but all of this, in terms of ecosystem support, puts Studio Buds below Apple headphones as well as other Beats models.