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”Yellow key supply” – about the shop

If you are looking for quality equipment for car keys from the United States of America, you should pay attention to the “Yellow key supply” online store. It has the best prices, the highest level of customer service that no other store can match. The company provides enterprises with wholesale car keys, key chains, key programmers, and other automotive locksmith equipment. The site has an easy-to-use interface. This is the best wholesale car key supplier and you will find out why in the text.

Car keys – their varieties

The main product that the online store “Yellow key supply” sells is a chip key. A modern car is much better protected from theft than its carburetor predecessor many years ago. Of course, every driver wants his car to be always safe. One of the protection stages is a chip key. It comes in various forms. To buy a suitable key, you should familiarize yourself with its varieties.

  • Split chip key. Previously, for example, on old cars, the key and the immobilizer key fob were separate. To start the car, first, it was necessary to bring the key fob to a special reader, which deactivated the immobilizer, and then start the engine. If you lost your keychain, then write “lost”. On old cars, it was so buggy that even in the salons of official dealers they offered to turn it off, so as not to suffer later.
  • Chip in the key. The most common type of chip key now used by many manufacturers is folding chip keys. Such keys are made in the form of an alarm key fob, use their power, usually a battery, the chip is located in the key blade itself, or next to it. An example of such a key can be found in the article – how to replace the battery in the key. It is very difficult to start the car without it, almost impossible. Therefore, when buying a car, a duplicate key is given, in case of loss.
  • Chip in the card. Many manufacturers like Renault, Mercedes, BMW, etc. Other chip keys are used, those that are built into the card. You are given a card that looks like a plastic bank card, only thicker, this card is inserted into a special hole in the card panel. After that, you press the start-stop button or turn the special lever and the engine starts.
  • Wireless Chip Key. And the last look, our article contains the most advanced wireless chip keys. They communicate with the immobilizer wirelessly. You just have to keep it in your pocket. Just sit down and start the car with the same start-stop button or a special lever. The main thing is not to forget such a key at home. Otherwise, you will not break into the car.

All these keys you can buy in the online store “Yellow key supply” with a guarantee. If it will breakdown, the repair will be free.