Everything you need to know about PC Matic

Pitstop PC Matic review

It took us a lot of time to evaluate Pitstop PC Matic review pros and cons. The main reason of it was because we wanted to check it thoroughly. So, today we are ready to share the results of our investigation with you. Let’s see if this software is any good!

First, it is needed to be clarified that this software is not just an antivirus program. This product does both protect and optimize. Believe us, this is definitely a huge advantage you will notice as soon as you install it! Aside from being boosting, this software is very reliable, funnily enough, that used to be the reason of endless frustration for many users. The software uses a white-listing approach. If the program thinks that a certain program is safe, everything will be great. On the other hand, if the program decides that this app is dangerous, it won’t let it operate properly. The problem was that the software could mark any program, even the most harmless ones, as a virus. Luckily for users, this flaw has been removed. You will have to whitelist programs you use before you run a scan.

The reason why users love PC Matic

Ten millions od users just love PC Matic and there is a reason for it! This is the software that really guarantees safety. There are several features that we especially loved. These are:

  • full Android support
  • low system load
  • very good usability
  • special offers for 5 devices, which means that you can protect your tablet and phone too
  • great optimization tools
  • AdBlocker
  • easy installation
  • ease of use
  • suits all Window OS types

It is quite good, isn’t? However, just like any other software, this one is not perfect too. We will consider the main cons below.

PC Matic main flaws

Okay, as it has been already said, there are several cons that a user might not like. Being honest, we want you to know about them before you buy this program. So, what is bad about it?

  • Manual tests are a headache, that can be very frustrating
  • Customer support is not that great, but that can change over the time

Threats PC Matic software can handle

When choosing new antivirus software, we all want to know what potential threats it can beat. PC Matic has:

  • anti-spyware
  • adware prevention

It is:

  • anti-Trojan
  • anti-Phishing
  • anti-Rootkit
  • anti-Worm

Why is PC Matic safer than other antivirus programs? The answer is quite simple, they just operate differently. Other antiviruses detect potentially threatening codes and algorithms and then block them. PC Matic does quite the opposite; it whitelists all safe programs and blocks all unknown. As it turned out to be, this approach is more efficient. Hope you find our PC Matic review helpful, stay with us to learn more!